About Us

Starting from its inception in 2003 Bye Bye Stores has always maintained its mission to transform the traditional souvenir into something modern, relevant and forever memorable.  With the revolution of both the shopping experience and product selection we aim to cater to every personality and taste. History buff, fashion icon, foodie – whatever you’re into we have a perfect product for you.  With our exclusive Bye Bye Stores branded apparel & merchandise gone are the days where a souvenir collects dust in your closet or serves as clutter.  Fashion forward styles and practical gifts make our products a more sensible souvenir purchase.  Our inviting layouts, modern décor and merchandising ensures our customers will not only find the best souvenir but enjoy every moment spend finding it.  


After taking Chicago by storm with its flagship store and multiple other retail locations, Bye Bye Stores has expanded into San Francisco. With plans to continue building its retail footprint in cosmopolitan U.S. locations.  Bye Bye Stores' products can also be found at souvenir shops around town as well as Walgreens stores.